My Story

I grew up in Kennesaw, GA and spent a lot of time pursuing my passion for baseball. Baseball lead me to Birmingham, AL to play for Samford University... this is where the real story begins. I have always loved music (I get it from my mama) but that always took a backseat to baseball. When my baseball career ended I came back to country music permanently.

The very first show I played was in the back of a pickup truck in a field lit with Christmas lights and a bonfire. It was a huge success! This (along with a little help from some "in the know" friends) launched me into my local music scene. I now play all over the southeast, extending/growing Matt Bennett Country one show at a time. If I have learned one thing so far it is that you have to follow your heart and engage your passion. I would hate to wake up in the morning with this desire to create in my heart and then go to a boring 9-5 office job without knowing I am doing everything I can to make my dreams a reality. Fight for your dreams and never give up.

- Matt